Fringe in Sketch: THE EUMENIDES

THE EUMENIDES was performed amid extraordinary ancient artifacts in the Penn Museum.


Fringe in Sketch: SILKEN VEILS

In the first drawing you see a little bit of projection worked into the background. The second is an example of the striking shadows that were used to capture the memory of her mother and father. And the third illustration is the emotion and love which flows from Rumi’s poetry.


Fringe in Sketch: Albert Camus’ THE JUST

I made it to a performance of Albert Camus’ THE JUST from Übungsflugzeug at Panorama in West Philly. [5213 Grays Avenue] September 9-24, 2016; It was a great cast,…


Fringe in Sketch: FORE-IGN/ FORE-OUT

The movement was very inspiring, and the diversity of the show was all encompassing.


Fringe in Sketch: SHADOW HOUSE

SHADOW HOUSE was an impressive immersive piece


Fringe in Sketch: DROWNING OPHELIA

I was especially drawn to the costumes, the charming quality in the men from different time periods, and the seemingly girl into woman hood plot.


Fringe in Sketch: ANIMAL FARM TO TABLE

Sketch artist Chuck Shultz chowed down and recorded what he saw.


Sketches of Ives: IRC’s ALL IN THE TIMING

Here’s what Chuck Schultz saw at the Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium’s production of ALL IN THE TIMING by David Ives.

The "bacholorettes" of slaughter/ette.

Fringe in Sketch 4: SLAUGHTER/ETTE (Butter & Serve)

As part of Phindie’s coverage of the 2015 Fringe Festival, we are having artists sketch what they see at select Fringe shows. Here’s what Chuck Schultz saw at SLAUGHTER/ETTE. [Mascher Space Cooperative,…