Opera in Sketch: Giargiari Bel Canto Competition at the Academy of Vocal Arts

The Giargiari Bel Canto Competition showcased aspiring artists from the Academy of Vocal Arts. The resident artists were from all around the world and people follow this event annually. They look forward to seeing the new talent and it gives them a chance to follow the careers of these talented singers.

giargiari-1Every performance was different, and it was an exciting chance to see a variety of opera singers. The personalities of the artist came through in his or her performance, and each had their own character.

giargiari-2These aspiring artists are on full scholarship at the Academy of Vocal Arts, and some of them already have a professional presence on stage. They travel the world, and take part in noteworthy productions. It was so inspiring to witness this young talent. I could tell each artist deserved to be there, and it goes to show how much they wanted it.

giargiari-3Visually it was an array of colorful gowns and black ties; they walked onto the stage with style. It was a mesh of gestures and postures that spoke elegance to me. They stood out from one another, and it was amazing how personal their time with us was. The audience had a chance to get to know about the artist by the way they delivered themselves. The dresses and the hair styles were all beautiful and their voices projected confidence throughout the Perelman Theatre at the Kimmel Center.

giargiari-4The judges included artistic directors, Evans Mirageas and Scott Guzielek, as well as an artistic administrator and collaborative pianist/vocal coach, Michael Haeston. The audience members also cast their vote on a ballots containing twenty performances with a face to their name.

giargiari-5Some fantastic acts for me were, Anthony Whitson- Martini, Jared Bybee, and Anthony Schneider. The drama in Karen Barraza’s performance struck me as unique. And Hannah Ludwig was especially memorable for me because her dress caught my attention.

giargiari-8The winner of the Giargiari 2016 competition was Alasdair Kent and his poise mimicked the shine off the piano. All in all, I can remember how each artist had their own flair.



[Kimmel Center, 300 S. Broad Street] October 15, 2016; avaopera.org.

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