Circus in Sketch: Previewing CIRQUE ELOIZE

At a sneak peak of he cast of the circus that is coming to Merriam Theater January 13-14, 2017, Cirque Eloize performed for the kids of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and brought some real laughs and smiles for all.

cirque_eloize-1They fit right in with the colorful space, and in the background the place seemed to be in a new grove as the performers introduced themselves. The trio were recently on Broadway and they have been traveling with the circus doing some really fun acts.

cirque_eloize-5 It is a surprise at first to see hat juggling as you enter the hospital. I have seen this hat trick before, and overtime I come to appreciate the casual juggler. The introduction had to do with a large smack of a whip, a fiddle, and lasso’s. Then one acrobat climbs onto the shoulders of another balancing on one leg. There was an amazing fall that happens in the end which gives you an intense shrill that runs through out the audience.


These men and women acrobats are talented entertainers with a few tricks that are possible with determination and a lot of practice. The questions asked by the kids showed that they were really interested in the show. “How do you prepare for it,” “Do you get nervous,” and “Have you been in the circus since you were a child?”

cirque_eloizeThese performers came to visit the¬†Children’s Hospital from Montreal, Quebec. They all went to circus school and refine their movements, and physical strength so that they are safe while doing their acrobatic acts. The interaction with the kids was the moment when it made a difference for the participants and spectators, and the kids as well as their parents. The lasso was started by the juggler and the fiddler, whom handed it to the little kids, and though the professionals make it look easy there was a feeling of pure joy to be there. I bet the weight of the rope was half of the battle, and even if they let the lasso fall to the ground I felt that the performers handed over an energy and power to the kids, to become the next generation of acrobats, or they might just replicate the true love for life and art that they exhibit. It was not a trick that the cast of Circue Eloize was at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to inspire the imagination of the kids.


[Merriam Theater, 250 S. Broad Street] January 13-14, 2017;

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