Phindie’s Most Read Articles of 2020

What a fucking year that was. With performance arts closed, there wasn’t a lot for Phindie to write about this year. We had our lowest readership of any year since we started, but here were our most-read new pieces of 2020:

  1. Remembering Mercutios and Tybalts by Kathryn Osenlund
  2. A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE (Walnut Street): 60-second review by Josh Herren
  3. I Am Sorry You Lost Your Monopoly Money by John Rosenberg
  4. CHESS: THE MUSICAL (11th Hour): Cold War on the board by Toby Zinman
  5. Risks can lead to financial loss: Interview with Bernard Havard on A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE at the Walnut Street Theatre by Henrik Eger
  6. FOOL FOR LOVE (EgoPo): Secrets, raw passion, and danger by Toby Zinman
  7. A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE (Walnut Street): Dropping a stream of bon mots from the sofa by Kathryn Osenlund
  8. Remembering Hamlets by Kathryn Osenlund
  9. MY GENERAL TUBMAN (Arden): Ancestors calling by Toby Zinman
  10. KING LEAR (Bristol Riverside): Mommy issues by Josh Herren

And these were the most read articles from years’ past:

  1. Sex on Stage in FEST (FringeArts) and KEIN APPLAUS FÜR SCHEISSE (American Realness [NYC]) by Julius Ferraro
  2. Dinner for One: The greatest cult film you’ve never heard of by Henrik Eger
  3. When the singing stops on Christmas Eve in bombed-out Europe: Sitting at my computer in Philadelphia, looking back by Henrik Eger
  4. A Brief History of Early Publishing in Philadelphia by Christopher Munden
  5. Literary Legacy: A History of Philadelphia Writers by Christopher Munden
  6. Code of Practice for Theater Critics
  7. How Big Is That Theater? Seating capacities of Philadelphia theaters by Christopher Munden
  8. THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR (IRC): Corruption! by Julius Ferraro
  9. How universal is Romeo and Juliet? Challenging hetronormative assumptions by Rebecca Gluck
  10. “Don’t ask me what happened. It’s best not to know!”: A DYBBUK, or Between two worlds by Henrik Eger

Happy days in 2021.

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