New Online Casinos 2021 | Guide to the best casino for players

What are online casinos?

Online casinos are sites that bring together a variety of games that can be played for money. They can be accessed by all players of legal age simply by creating an account and depositing some play money. Initially, the games offered by online casinos directly mimicked those played in brick-and-mortar casinos, but today the range is much wider and includes innovative new types of games. In addition to gambling, every online casino offers the possibility to test a large number of games without making a deposit. Trying out such demo games is not possible at brick-and-mortar casinos. However, if you want real casino winnings, a cash deposit is essential.

In this article, you will learn about all the features of new online casinos, including a guide on how to select the best online casino along with advantages and disadvantages. If you’d rather choose from a list of well-reviewed online casinos, we suggest going to australian-online-casino site, where you can find not only reliable casinos, but also read reviews and play free games.

What’s new in the latest online casinos for the gaming market?

One of the most notable features of all the new online casinos is the emphasis on mobile gaming. A new online casino without a working mobile version will not stay on the market for long. Mobile gaming accounts for around a third of online casino gaming traffic, and this share is growing.

Another strong feature of the new online casinos is social gaming. This is reflected in the structure of the new online casinos: players are no longer just anonymous customers who go to play their favourite games and then log out of the site, but there is increased interaction between players. The modern online casino is full of opportunities for player-to-player communication, as exemplified by live casinos with real dealers.

3D will also certainly be a big part of new online casinos in the future; this can guarantee players an unimaginably authentic gaming experience, both in terms of the venue and the people they play with. Players can imagine they are in Las Vegas at a poker table, playing together. So you can expect innovation when you choose a venue from the new casinos list.

Online casino guide: how to find and choose the best new casinos

The space in the new casinos is endless, and it’s easy to spend an infinite amount of time flying around. First you have to find new sites, check their security, read user reviews, study the terms and conditions and so on. If you want to find the new online casinos that are just right for you, you’ll need to repeat this process for a large number of sites. Fortunately, however, there are easier routes. We’ve put together the best new online casinos for you, and we’ve already checked all these things out for you. This makes your task much easier, and leaves you more time to play for yourself! Just follow these instructions:

  • Choose the most interesting ones and read reviews

If the site seems interesting, you can either go to read the full review or play on the site immediately.

  • Visit the sites and check out the bonuses

Visit a few of the sites that interest you and check out all their bonuses on the promotional pages. Bonus offers can update quickly, so you’ll always find the most up-to-date benefits and promotions that are due to expire.

  • Visit the arcades

Next, visit the arcades. Are there any producers whose games you love to play? Also check if your favourites are in the arcades. If you like, you can test the games with demo versions before making your choice.

  • Create an account, deposit and enjoy the thrill of gambling

Once you’ve made your decision, create an account at the site of your choice and deposit money into your account. Then you can get down to the business of enjoying the thrill of gambling!

About the features of the new online casinos

Best new casino features and concepts

The best new casino features are not exclusive to new sites, but are available to them from the moment they open. A good example is the fast casinos or no-download casinos that have become more common over the last few years. With the arrival of this innovative way of playing on the market, older casino sites had to embark on a fundamental overhaul. New online casinos, on the other hand, were able to open directly using this concept. Even this year, many casinos are opening account-free, and this trend is here to stay.

Interesting features can touch any area: adventurous reward systems are a good example. Indeed, many new online casinos have adopted gamification as an integral part of their operations. This does not necessarily mean that the whole site is disguised as an adventure – although there are some – but it can be as simple as creating and playing as a character.

One of the most spectacular new casino features is definitely the roll-out of 3D technology from the games to the casino platforms themselves. The new online casinos offer some great gaming environments. These are often combined with imaginative themes that make gaming even more fun. We always give extra points for an original theme, especially if it’s cleverly tied into the overall user experience!

New casino games and slots

New casino games make gambling even more interesting, with the latest technologies and the most attractive features. For example, since Big Time Gaming sold the rights to Megaways to other gaming houses, more and more top-of-the-range video slots with thousands of paylines have started to appear in casinos.

Many game producers – especially the biggest ones – are also constantly improving their 3D capabilities. This gives games a whole new dimension and makes them more immersive. The 3D dimension is taking on a whole new dimension in live casino, with a number of providers launching casino lobbies. They let you move from table to table just like in a real casino!

In addition to new features, new online casinos can take advantage of freely available data on which games have been particularly popular in older casinos. This allows the most savvy new online casinos to avoid deep pitfalls and create a complete game selection from scratch.

New casino bonuses and wagering requirements

Is there a better reason to play at new online casinos than big casino bonuses? Hard to think! New online casinos are not yet known to players, so they need to find the best possible ways to attract potential players. Attractive casino bonuses are quite effective for this purpose.

Casino bonuses can be made attractive in many ways. They can be large and bring in a lot of play money to explore the casino – sometimes a bonus draw can offer up to thousands of dollars! However, please note that large bonuses are invariably subject to wagering requirements. In order for the bonuses to be truly good and beneficial to the player, the wagering requirements must also be reasonable.

The best new online casinos also want to impress their customers with fairness, and many of them keep their wagering requirements at an average level of around 30-35 times. It’s always worth checking the requirements, as they vary widely between casinos. In addition to the wagering requirements, it is also a good idea to check other terms and conditions, such as any payout cap.

Another way to attract new players is to approach the benefits in terms of wagering requirements. The bonus amount itself or other new player benefits to be given away may be more modest, but the wagering requirements and other bonus terms are very attractive. In the best case, the donated benefit does not need to be wagered at all!


How many people admit to keeping their mobile phone glued to their hand a little too much? We’d guess that about half of you, dear readers, put your hand in the air (or jerked it a little). According to statistics, more than half of all gambling is now done on mobile devices. What better way to pass the time than waiting for a bus or spending time in a dentist’s waiting room?

New online casinos are well aware of this trend, and their sites are invariably compatible with smart devices. The new mobile casinos are true entertainment hubs. You can bet, scratch dice, spin reels, play cards, compete against other players in tournaments and much more!

The only thing you need to check is the speed of your internet connection. Nowadays, live games are also available on mobile phones, and their crystal-clear HD connection can be intermittent if your internet connection is not up to scratch. With a good connection, you’ll be carrying a whole casino and all the fun and perks in your pocket.

Most of the new online casinos use responsive technology, which means they adapt to your screen when you open them in your browser. Some offer a separate casino app, making it even easier to use. App or not, new casinos almost always offer a well-functioning version for mobile devices.

Payment methods

Older casino players may remember the days when deposits were made by bank transfer or credit card, and withdrawals had to wait for days. Fortunately, the world is changing, and with it, so are payment technologies. As online commerce becomes ever busier, payment solutions have evolved by leaps and bounds.

Today’s new online casinos can choose their payment service provider from a wide and varied selection. Sure, traditional deposit methods such as credit cards are still in place, but there are plenty of other options available. Today, making deposits online is very safe, reliable and fast.

For example, new online casinos often offer direct online payment services, whereby play money is credited directly to the user’s account from their own online bank. The best known of these is Trustly, which is also the developer of the popular pay n play method. It is one of the most widely used and best payment methods available today.

Online wallets are also among the payment methods that new online casinos are happy to offer. For example, Skrill and Neteller are practically not missing from any site’s list of providers. Nowadays, online wallets can also be linked to a prepaid credit card, which allows you to spend your winnings directly from your online wallet.

As mobile gaming has soared in popularity, new online casinos are also investing heavily in mobile payment solutions. Often these services operate on a billing basis, as in the case of Zimpler and Siru Mobile. One of the newest, and still a little less common, is the Transfer service, which charges money in real time.

Customer support

New online casinos are doing everything they can to impress their customers and get their foot in the door. Iit is common for the service to be in English.

The latest casino sites can also take advantage of the latest technologies in terms of customer service. They almost invariably have at least live chat, which is perhaps the most convenient way for both the casino and the players. Emails can often be sent using the easy contact forms available directly on the site, and sometimes a telephone service is also available.

However, casinos have also embraced more modern methods, such as social media channels. You can keep up to date with what’s going on in the casino via Twitter or Facebook, for example, and you can send messages more often via Telegram, a very handy and free messaging service.

When talking about new online casinos, the aim is to keep customer service open as much as possible. This service is normally available every day, and many of the new sites even operate around the clock. Of course, the customer service channels are also mobile-friendly, in line with today’s requirements.

Can all new online casinos be trusted then?

Some players may think that the old property is better, but many of the latest online casinos are great! For the most part, both old and new online casinos are generally reliable, but there are always a few bad apples. If you want to check out a new casino, it’s worth reading a lot of different people’s feedback on the site to make sure it works!

Playing at new online casinos: Pros and Cons

Both old and new online casinos have their pros and cons. Many players may be nervous about testing new sites when the old ones have already been proven to be good and work well. So does it make more sense to play at new or old online casinos? There is no single answer to this question, as every casino is unique and there can be some real gems to be found in both old and new. Below you can see the pros and cons of new online casinos listed:

Benefits of new online casinos

  • Latest innovations in use
  • Lots of attractive bonuses on offer
  • New, interesting games available
  • Pages always mobile optimised
  • Stylish, modern graphics and concepts

Disadvantages of new online casinos

  • Service not necessarily in many languages
  • No user experience yet
  • No exclusive games available
  • Often a slightly smaller selection of games

What will the new online casinos of the future look like?

The latest prospects for the future in the world of online casinos are bright. Even now, new online casinos and features are being designed to stand out from the crowd. Future developments include mobile gaming and 3D and 4D gaming environments, which will help to ensure the most authentic gaming experience for players. It may be possible to make people feel like they are playing in a real casino in Las Vegas, even if they are just playing from the comfort of their own home! The sky’s the limit in the world of online casinos!

There is no end in sight to the popularity of online gambling – on the contrary, it is only getting bigger. This means that the future will bring many exciting new features, fresh venues and much more! New casinos are a constant source of innovation, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them.

Pay N Play

In particular, pay n play is expected to grow even more. Even this year, many new online casinos are opting directly for the no-download model, and many traditional sites have revamped their sites to reflect this. Pay n play casinos will make money transfers faster and easier. It is already possible to withdraw money from many banks in a matter of minutes. They also give new players instant access to the games.


The casino environment will not be the only one to be affected, but innovation will of course also extend to the games themselves. 3D technology will make games more realistic and immerse the player in their atmosphere. This will certainly be exploited even more in the future. The move to virtual reality in online casinos has also been on the horizon for some time. Live gaming has gradually taken over more of the market from table games played against a computer, and the number of games produced has increased. Of course, traditional table games will remain in online casinos, but live casinos will see tougher competition, and with it, of course, new and exciting solutions.


As the casino industry grows and competition intensifies, so do the regulations and supervision. This is great for players, as it makes new online casinos safer and safer places to play. Players are already much more aware and demanding, so many new online casinos are looking to exceed expectations in this area too. In Europe, the Maltese license continues to go from strength to strength, while the UK and Gibraltar licenses have seen a slight decline in popularity. On the other hand, the gaming licence of our neighbour across the bay, Estonia, is on a strong upward trend, with criteria that are pretty much equivalent to the strict Maltese gaming licence.

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