Message in a Bottle: Interview with Lizzie Gough

Dancer Lizzie Gough first worked with choreographer Kate Prince over a decade ago. The two have been joining forces on various projects ever since. Their most recent undertaking, Message in a Bottle, features 27 of the most beloved songs of Sting. Gough, who is also a Choreographer, talked to Phindie about her various roles and responsibilities in the production.

[Miller Theater, on the Kimmel Cultural Campus, 250 S Broad St] May 14-19, 2024;

Debra Danese: What was it like working with Olivier Award nominee, Kate Prince?

Lizzie Gough: I have been very fortunate to work with Kate for the past 13 years. We met in 2011 on the BBC’s So You Think You Can Dance. Kate was one of the Choreographers on the show. She then asked me to join the cast of Some Like it Hip Hop in one of the lead roles, JoJo.

I very much enjoy working with Kate on any project as she always inspires and enhances everyone’s capabilities as an artist.

DD:In addition to performing, you are both the Assistant Choreographer and Resident Director/Choreographer. What do these roles entail?

LG: As an Assistant Choreographer in the creative process, I would technically be the body for what Kate would like to try ideas out on. Sometimes we would have an opportunity to try things and Kate would shape and guide the movement, depending on the direction and content of the section. We also had Tommy Franzen as an Assistant Choreographer. He brought more of the breaking elements that Kate wanted in the show. 

Like any production, each artist is very different from each other with their own wow factor. When the show is on the road, my job as Resident Director/Choreographer is to maintain the quality and intention that Kate created the show to be. I also make sure the artists feel safe when performing as a majority of them play up to three roles.

DD: The story is told through the music of Sting. Which song from the show do you take the most inspiration from? 

LG: This is a bit hard to answer as each song brings a different intention and feeling. Some of the tracks have been rewritten for the show so I have many that really inspire me. I think the opening number Desert Rose has always been a favorite, even before Kate created this show. It is always an honor to perform that.

DD: You have such a diverse bio. What type of project would you like to take on next?

LG: After this run of Message in a Bottle, I will be stepping back into the TV world as a Choreographer. I always enjoy that!

Message in a Bottle will play at the Miller Theater, on the Kimmel Cultural Campus, 250 S. Broad Street from May 14 to 19, 2024;

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