LIFE LINES (Tangle Movement Arts): 2017 Fringe review


Life Lines Tangle Movement Arts review
Sketch by Chuck Schultz,

Always creative and ever innovative,Tangle Movement Arts returns with their annual Fringe Festival program.  Although it is as thrilling and intriguing as their past performances, LIFE LINES reveals another color of Tangle Movement Arts: the darker and melancholy side of human-beings.

The performers express the struggles and depression that we can all carry underneath our smiles. One person might be afraid to take the first step to come out of it, others would feel lost, repeating the same movements. They confront the hurdles no matter how many times they fall on the floor, by believing in themselves, with the helping hands of fellow women.

The acrobatic circus arts of a hoop, trapeze, and aerial silk are used as tools to visualize those hurdles, which the powerful women on the stage conquer. By not being afraid to show their vulnerability, the strength that women have stands out. The original songs by Pascale Smith and Guide Birds are played live on the stage, adding the intimacy as if we were inside their mind and heart, experiencing their moment together.

[Neighborhood House, 20 N American St] September 6-9, 2017;


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