BEN TO THE FUTURE (Salamé Studios): Fringe Review 45

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a screwball time watching a Fringe Festival show from a stationary bumper car as everyone in the surrounding room gets hammered? Even if this particular FringeArts fantasy has never occurred to you, if you like to laugh, like the idea of time travel, or want to see the city of brotherly love in a new light, look no further: The creative young minds of Anthony Taylor, Rob Taylor, Max Webber and their pals—the writers, directors, and actors of Salamé Studios—have put together a show that anyone willing to try something untrodden will enjoy.

Ben-to-the-Future_Salamé-Studios2At the onset of the berserk and highly (highly!) explicit journey, a deeply confused Benjamin Franklin (Taylor) is woken up by a bunch of unknown intruders in his house, in 2014. A tour guide named Richard (Webber) takes Ben under his wing to one of the grittiest bars in the city, “TMoms”. Making friends and enemies throughout his month-long stay, Ben experiences the trials and tribulations of living in an era of easy access to beer in cans and beautiful women. Though the celebrated founding father achieved many great feats, he has a thing or two to learn about life in such fast times. But the people he meets also have much to learn, and Ben’s wisdom and batty sense of adventure proves useful even today. With lines describing one of the most beloved Philadelphians as a “lightening bolt fat mother fucker” and “man whore”, this show will go down in history as the wildest blend of time-bending and witty comedy. [Tattooed Mom, 530 South Street] September 12-19, 2014;

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