KIM COLES: OH, BUT WAIT . . . THERE’S MORE! (Kim Coles / Dir. Scotch Ellis Loring): Fringe Review 46

In the intro to KIM COLES: OH, BUT WAIT . . . THERE’S MORE!, director Scotch Ellis Loring tells us that he and the star conceived of the piece ten years ago. Really though, it’s been decades in the making. Coles starts off with her unconventional early life in Brooklyn (she grew up “a little wack-a-doodle” thanks to parents with strong personalities) and eventually winds up here, at Voyeur, doing a show at the 2014 Fringe. The actor, best known for work on “Living Single,” opens it all up with a solo show that is hilarious, hopeful, and surprisingly heartfelt.
Kim-Coles-Oh-But-Wait...Theres-More_Kim-ColesThis show is a crowd-pleaser, but with rough edges, as if still in rehearsal. Too much polish would lessen a lot of the show’s sparkle. A missing mike stand? Pshaw. Coles’ willingness to roll with life’s punches carries us over such minor details. We get stories of her good fortune (including a story about Mr. Bill Cosby that I’m not supposed to repeat!), stories of when things went bad (like dealing with the shame that comes along with mounds of debt), and her life along the way. She even shows us her grade school portraits and her first stand-up routine. Throughout, she maintains the mindset that got her where she is today: you don’t know what life is going to give you, so be ready for it. And, if you’re not ready and you miss it, try not to freak out too much. Be patient, be grateful, and remember – there’s always more. [Voyeur Nightclub] September 11-14,

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