DR. SEUSS’S THE CAT IN THE HAT (Arden): A Review in Seussical Verse

Photo credit: Mark Garvin
Charlotte Ford (Thing 1) and Dave Johnson (Thing 2) in Arden Theatre Company’s THE CAT IN THE HAT by Dr. Seuss. (Photo credit: Mark Garvin)

I loved to read when I was a kid
And although I’m full grown I still love what I did.
THE CAT IN THE HAT was one of my faves.
Now that book is a play* and I’m giving it raves!

The Arden’s production is silly and wild.
It’s as good for adults as it is for a child.
Doug Hara, who stars as the Cat in the Hat,
Also directs, with Steve Pacek, and that
Is a team you can’t beat, with a stick, or a bat.

Dave Johnson, the funniest guy that I know,
Is reason enough to the Arden to go.
He has fluffy blue hair as Thing One—no, Thing Two;
Charlotte Ford is the other, and her hair’s blue, too.

They fly through the air and do great acrobatics,
Though the Fish (who’s a puppet**) protests all their antics.
But what does a fish know? I tell you that they
Are a dream of a team in their work on this play.

Maggie Johnson is Sally, Richard Crandle’s her brother,
They’re amused by The Cat, but they won’t tell their mother.
The set, sound, and costumes*** bring the Seuss book to life;
With color and magic and fun they are rife.

The cast and design of this show are terrific
It’s a hit! It’s a smash! A success! I predict it.

*Originally produced by the National Theatre of Great Britain; adapted and originally directed by Katie Mitchell
**Puppet designed by Alisa Sickora Kleckner
*** Set and lighting design by Brian Sidney Bembridge; sound design by Rick Sims; costumes by Lauren Perigard

[40 N. 2nd St., Arcadia Stage] April 16-June 29, 2014, ardentheatre.org.

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  1. Arden just announced that THE CAT IN THE HAT has been extended by popular demand through Sunday, June 29!

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