Once Upon a Bridge (Inis Nua): 60-second review

In Sonya Kelly’s play, Once Upon a Bridge, the actors and director knock themselves out, doing their best with a difficult vehicle. As the story unfolds we learn that all the drama, based on a real incident, has already happened, the result of a wanton disregard for others. It’s uphill work to bring this play off, as limitations imposed by the already done-deal make for a performance with a lot of talk and little action.

Luckily, Inis Nua has a very able director and exceptional actors. The cast members are articulate, especially David Pica. And thanks to their dialogue coach, Leonard Kelly, all have believable English accents. Inis Nua has done its best with a story more told than shown, an aftermath.

[Inis Nua Theatre Company at the Drake, 302 S. Hicks Street] March 6 -24, 2024; nisnuatheatre.org

Cast: David Pica, Walter DeShields (Actors’ Equity), Alice Yorke
Approximately 75 minutes, no intermission

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