Fringe in Sketch: BLACK WOOD (Gunnar Montana Productions)

BLACK WOOD will once again show fans the darker side of Gunnar Montana Productions, with an immersive theater experience that has it all — witches, scorned lovers, and creatures of the night; back flips, hair whips, aerial, and as always, a little stage magic. To see this dark dance performance yourself go and also you can get VIP tickets which lets you sit in specially made box seats.

To see the rest of the sketches from the show go to,, or

The wife (Jessica Daley) returns to her cabin. The set opens up unto itself.

An angry abusive husband (Gunnar Montana) , finds out the wood nymphs rescued his beaten wife.

The sacred horn weapon fells the husband. (Gunnar Montana vs Deseree Naval)

In smoke and candle light, hair suspension dance by Nicole Burgio.
[Gunnar Montana Productions at 531 N. 7th St] September 7-24, 2023;

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