Fringe in Sketch: TODOROV’S DIRTY LAUNDRY (Nick Gillette Improv)

Improvised tragedy balanced on the edge of a knife. Each night, a freshly generated play centers upon a single unanswerable question: Did this widower see a ghost or is he going mad? Is the gossip about the new student true or slander? Drama so tense, not even the cast knows how it will all end. See the typewriter and clothespins yourself and get tickets at for September 22 and 27. This show is happening at a different location and is titled Todorov’s Clean Sheets on September 17.

To see the rest of the sketches from the show go to,, or

Introducing the narcissist and the type writer. Nick Gillette and Liam Paris.

Waiting to go on stage behind stands covered in clothes pins. Nick Gillette, Kelly Conrad and Jasmine Jiang.

The secret daughter (Isabel Beck-Roe) talks with her mother (Kelly Conrad)

Candidate Samson (Liam Paris) gets into body blows with an enforcer (Maal White) from crime boss Tony Montoye.

[Nick Gilette Improv at MAAS Building Studio, 1350 N 5th St.] September 3-27, 2023;

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