FOX ON THE FAIRWAY (Act II): Camaraderie of a club

Gerre Garrett, Naomi Weiss. Peter Bisgaier, Karen Peakes, and Will Dennis star in Ken Ludwig's THE FOX ON THE FAIRWAY, now playing at Act II Playhouse in Ambler through Nov. 22. Photo by Mark Garvin.
Gerre Garrett, Naomi Weiss. Peter Bisgaier, Karen Peakes, and Will Dennis star in Ken Ludwig’s THE FOX ON THE FAIRWAY, playing at Act II Playhouse in Ambler through Nov. 22. Photo by Mark Garvin.

Act II Playhouse presents Ken Ludwig’s FOX ON THE FAIRWAY. The setting: Quail Valley Country Club; The time: Now. Quail Valley and rival Crouching Squirrel Country Club are poised to compete in their annual golf competition. Quail Valley hasn’t won in several years but club President Bingham (Peter Bisgaier) has confidence this losing-streak will be broken with the addition of a new golfer who recently joined the club. New hope abounds at the club with the hire of Bingham’s new assistant, people-pleaser Justin (Will Dennis) who we soon learn is well-loved waitress Louise’s flame. Things are looking up for Quail Valley—a potential win, love in the air, substantial wagers—until Bingham’s nemesis Dickie (Joe Guzmán) visits. Dickie stirs up trouble by dropping the bomb that incites Bingham’s commanding wife Muriel (Gerre Garrett) and stirs up wanted revenge by ex-wife trusty, sophisticated treasurer Pamela (Karen Peakes).

I wasn’t sure what to make of the show by its description; I can grasp the camaraderie of a club but golf stumps me. As the show began, the actors laid the framework and I still wasn’t sure for the first few minutes. Then I realized I was sitting there with big goofy grin and realized boy, was I wrong. The show was hilarious on every level.

The first and most amazing star of the show was the tremendous set (Dirk Durossette); the attention to every aspect and detail was a true marvel. All components of this show were just right to support the story and the actors. Director William Roudebush had quite an amazing group to work with. Bisgaier made you secretly root for him. Dennis made you want to give him a pep talk.  Guzmán had the air of the Phil Hartman SNL characters you loved to hate. Peakes was hilarious and spot-on as always. Garrett showed the woman all men are afraid of. Now Weiss, seemingly demure and sweet but don’t be fooledshe knew what she was doing and that was commanding that everyone hang on to her every word and action and the audience were all too happy to oblige. A truly fun night.

[Act II Playhouse, 56 E. Butler Avenue, Ambler, PA] October 27–November 22, 2015;

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