SOUL PROJECT (David Zambrano): 2015 Fringe review 66

soul-project-fringe-reviewAn intensely physical performance rooted in an extreme manifestation of experience, SOUL PROJECT, directed by David Zambrano, is able to create a powerful reaction of joy and passion throughout the audience. It’s an interactive space: dancers walk freely among the audience, but are set apart through their presence and extravagant outfits. With each performance being shaped in real time the dancers have the agency to adjust and room to play. In every solo, a very personal experience is shared through extremely intelligent knowledge of their bodies. Each performer is able to integrate their experiences and transpose them physically to produce extremely visceral movement that is able to resonate strongly with each viewer. The power of soul music accompanying the power displayed by each dancer creates a thick, vibrant energy in the room. The dancers, aided by the music, facilitate transference of experience and sensation from them to the audience.

Community is created among the audience. As each solo starts without warning, the audience rushes to get a good view, and everyone respectfully makes sure their neighbor can see. Smiles and elation are shared among the crowd surrounding the performers. As the performance progresses, audience members have trouble holding in their excitement and begin bounce and move to the music while the dancers perform. Zambrano is able to have the audience bond over this shared elation manifested in each solo, seeing the possibility of them reaching the ecstasy of soul power. Zambrano’s work instills confidence, power and extreme joy into all that are open to accepting. [Christ Church Neighborhood House, 20 N American Street] September 18-19, 2015;

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