2,000 MOVEMENTS (Gregory Holt): 2015 Fringe review 62

2000-Movements_Gregory-Holt-reviewAn exploration of unrepeated and layered movements, Gregory Holt’s 2,000 MOVEMENTS is a living archive of body and space. We are able to see a clear process throughout; we learn to expect movement after movement until the total of 2,000 is reached. It’s seemingly basic yet extremely provocative, leaving the viewer curious not only about the process but how it connects to Holt.

Holt explains before the piece that this work started with a goal of 10,000 unrepeated movements; these movements being added throughout his daily life, in his home, at friend’s houses and in the studio. After two years of work he has reached 2,000. In this piece you relive the past two years of Holt’s life with him. You see how his movement develops. We see waves of athleticism, subtlety, space, and intimacy. You grow with him, sharing in his curiosity for this process. You begin to ask questions of the sustainability of this process. Can the piece survive to 10,000 movements? At the rate Holt is adding will it take another 8 years to reach 10,000? How will his body and mind as a performer cope as the piece grows? Will the audience be able to endure the full 10,000 movements?

Holt is able to provoke so much thought with such a simple structure, showing the power of simplicity and our need for complexity. [fidget, 1714 North Mascher Street] September 16-17; 2015; fringearts.com/2000-movements.

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