DANCES WITH SOCKS (Megan Flynn Dance): 2015 Fringe review 53

Excerpted by kind permission from The Dance Journal.

Dances-with-Socks_Megan-Flynn-Dance-CompanyThe Megan Flynn Dance Company presented a series of short sketches of people in process, where solos and duets flowed one into the next in carefully crafted dances that pulled the audience into the performers’ private worlds. The low-tech lighting, costumes, and music – an eclectic sound track that floated in and out but stayed largely in the background – enhanced the personal, confidential tone of the evening. The performance space, a small studio with the audience seated in the round, provided an intimate setting for these psychologically driven, but never over-wrought, dance vignettes.

Flynn earned her MFA in dance from the University of California, Irvine, and is currently a lecturer in dance at Muhlenberg College. Each of the dancers in her company has a connection to one of these two dance programs, and together they make up an expressive and skillful group of artists. The choreography for “Dances With Socks” is credited to Flynn in collaboration with each of the performers. In THIS Moment,” however, is credited entirely to Randall Anthony Smith. After the final applause, Flynn warmly thanked the audience for being present at the inaugural performance of the newly formed company. The audience too was grateful to have shared in such an auspicious occasion. Read the full review >>   [DIG Yoga, 410 Monroe Street] September 12-13, 2015;

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