THE GIRL’S GUIDE TO NEIGHBORLY CONDUCT (Tangle Movement Arts): 2015 Fringe review 34

Maura Kirk.performing in "Make Time for Yourself". Photo by Michael Ermilio.
Maura Kirk.performing in “Make Time for Yourself”. Photo by Michael Ermilio.

We girls have many agendas every day. Take a shower, dry our hair before we go out, smile. We want to have a fun with our friends but we need time to be alone. We clean our rooms, make sure to take out the trash every week, we fight, we daydream, we fall in love, we cry, we suffer and keep going. Girls at Tangle Movement Arts do exactly the same. Though just a little bit more expressively. They spin to express excitements, stretch to communicate with each other, and float in the air to dream, on trapezes, cartwheels, ropes and an aerial silk hanging from the ceiling.

While all of the seven performers are highly proficient and successful at portraying their unique characters, Sal Nicolazzo, who plays “the one who’s new in town” stuns viewers with her astonishing solo on aerial hoops. Her duet with Lee Thompson, “Find a partner” is dazzling and passionate: two beautiful bodies stretch out and twine like beautiful arabesque patterns. Lee Thompson’s solo “Find your own way”—performed on a cartwheel with her eyes blinded by a scarf—pierces viewers’ hearts by narrating the sorrows and pains of a breaking heart, desperate struggles in the darkness, and the aim for a hope and future. Maura Kirk’s “Make time for yourself”, a solo of a girl who loves reading books, takes us to her dream world through her remarkably graceful performance on an aerial silk. The performance is much more than acrobatics or a dance, it shows audiences what artists can express through their body.

[Philadelphia Soundstages, 1600 N. 5th Street] September 10-12, 2015;

In "Find a Partner" the performers are Lee Thompson and Sal Nicolazzo (L-R). Photo by Michael Ermilio.
“Find a Partner”, performed by Lee Thompson and Sal Nicolazzo (L-R). Photo by Michael Ermilio.
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  1. This is just so wonderful! It was so me, q while back! My then performing arts partner, Kathy would be perfect for tangle arts! She is the one who helped me reinvent myself after I was no longer able to do competitive gymnastics back in our native Sarasota, Florida . From the time we met when I was in physical therapy and introduced me to her friend Christine who owned a dance studio, I had the confidence of being able to come in and help with I first just spotting the teenage acrobatic girls class helping with spotting being an important part of their performances there where Christine had choreographed a beautiful adagio performance with us and every circus like acrobatic act with Kathy, me and the girls to the following year where she and I joined the circus class and eventually also became our models when the drawing class came to visit us at the circus and then invited Cathy and I to come model at their school.

    Stephen had gotten an incredible opportunity to teach trapeze just outside of Seattle and I moved to the field. Where, well it’s tomorrow, I try to include some of the acrobatics and my poses. I am hoping however that I will eventually get back into Parker acrobatics and perhaps be part of a circus arts performing group and have a new partner once again.wherever she is now if she saw this and wanted to join your performance troupe she would be fitting right in with you other superstores.

    I realize it’s an all girls group but I would love to be perfect part of the performing act

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