MUSICIAN, MODEL & MEDICAL EXPERIMENT (Anomie Fatale): 2015 Fringe review 33

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Photo by Lori Foxworth.

Furnished with casual wooden tables and benches and only as large as the first floor in a South Philly row home, Agno Grill hosts MUSICIAN, MODEL & MEDICAL EXPERIMENT, an amalgamation of a coffeehouse, cabaret, and creative therapy session. The open windows of the restaurant feel exposing during an intimate performance featuring Anomie Fatale, a former biochemistry student who fills each of the title roles.

Sitting in a walker adorned with artificial greenery, Fatale recounts her tragedies, infusing humor through her narrative, which she reads from a binder. At age twenty, Ehlers-Dalos Syndrome interrupted Fatale’s life,  tossing her onto the surgical table for operations that left her a quadriplegic. As she regained physical abilities, she began to revalue the allure of the body. MUSICIAN, MODEL & MEDICAL EXPERIMENT integrates Fatale’s life experiences with burlesque vignettes accompanied by her band Great Neck. Fatale’s concluding piece, a rendition of Edith Piaf’s “No Regrets”, is particularly striking. She introduces the song with these words: “Pain is relevant and so is beauty.” Read the full review >> [Agno Grill, 2104 Chestnut Street] September 6-16, 2015;

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