Mike Durkin’s 10 Fringetastic Fringe Picks!

As artistic director of The Renegade Company, Mike Durkin has put together some of the most freaky fringetastic shows of the last couple Fringe Festivals. Renegade is back this year with the hotly anticipated Damned Dirty Apes! a mash-up of classic primate-themed films Planet of the Apes, Tarzan the Ape Man, and King Kong written by brilliantly creative local playwrights Chris Davis (Anna K [2014], Holly’s Dead Soldiers [2013]) and Sam Henderson (Anna K, 100 [2015]). [see fringearts.com/damned-dirty-apes]

With his Fringe pedigree, Mike’s the ideal guy to ask for some Fringe recommendations. Here are his Top Ten picks for the 2015 Fringe Festival: five flying under the radar and five with great catalog images.

Ensemble members of Renegade’s DAMNED DIRTY APES! (Photo credit: Daniel Kontz)
Ensemble members of Renegade’s DAMNED DIRTY APES! (Photo credit: Daniel Kontz)

5 Fringetastic offerings flying under the radar

100 by Sam Henderson. “A procedurally-generated solo show for an audience of one.” I’m not saying Sam is the voice of our generation; however, I’m not not saying he is. Just saying. See this show! fringearts.com/100

Three Sisters and a Wolf presented by Wee Keep Theatre Company. “A montage of real and imagined memories from, and responses to, experimental Chekhov in Lancaster County.” Honestly I have no idea who these folks are, but this idea sounds kind of badass, so I’m really intrigued. fringearts.com/three-sisters-and-a-wolf

Once Upon A Time on the Broad Street Line by Boom and Fly Theatre Company. “Little Red in a Hoodie rides on Septa while ‘Ella and her Phairy Grandmutha take on the Main Line.” Anytime I can be engaged riding on Septa I’m down. Plus, you can participate in this while riding down to the AT&T stop to see Damned Dirty Apes! fringearts.com/once-upon-a-time-on-the-broad-street-line

UNARMED by Arielle Pina. “ Five bodies create a mirror and reflect America’s failure to confront racism and the irreversible cultural divide.” These are stories that need to be heard. fringearts.com/unarmed

Sherry Truck by Ann Liv Young. “A mobile boutique, a cafe, a therapy office, and a flexible performance platform.” Unconventional space…check. Unique audience experience…check. Exciting performance artist, whose work must be seen…check. fringearts.com/sherry-truck

5 picks based solely on the guide imageIts-so-learning_The-Berserker-Residents

It’s So Learning by the Berserker Residents. Jocks, dweebs, and substitute teachers! Bonus points for glue eating and pencil chewing! 

We-All-Need-Some-Help_Macah-Coates_web-copyWe All Need Some Help by Macah Coates. The girl looks like Alex Borstein (Madtv, Family Guy). I like Alex Borstein…I’m in. 

Capacity-for-Veracity_Jessica-Creane-Paloma-Irizarry-Mal-Cherifi-1024x680Capacity for Veracity by Jessica Creane, Paloma Irizarry, Mal Cherifi. I love the loft district and the new park that will be there, so it makes me yearn for that park. Plus, I have one of those figurines, so I kind of feel like this show is about me.

Give-Me-a-Hand_Laurencio-Ruiz-crop-1200x531Give Me A Hand! by Laurencio Ruiz. The puppet most definitely looks like David Schwimmer in puppet form. Mr. Schwimmer is our generation’s most underrated actor. Help bring Mr. Schwimmer back into the spotlight.

Reimagine-Your-Reality-Comedy-Hypnosis-Show_Frank-PerriReimagine your reality; Comedy Hypnosis Show by Frank Perri.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fringearts.com/reimagine-your-reality-comedy-hypnosis-show

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