Fringe Late Night: FULL Schedule and Preview

Red 40 and the Last Groovement kicks off a stellar fortnight of Late Night Fringe.
Red 40 and the Last Groovement kicks off a stellar fortnight of Late Night Fringe.

The quality and style of the late night offerings at the Fringe bar have varied greatly over the years, as the hub moved from Old City to Northern Liberties and elsewhere around the city. This year, however, FringeArts has put together a tasty selection of post-show entertainment at its new headquarters on Delaware Ave (at Race Street).

Curated by Philadelphia DJ, composer, and taste-maker King Britt and choreographer/live visual artist Kate Watson-Wallace, the Late Night offerings are a high-quality music-based Festival within the Fringe Festival. “We wanted to bring the energy of Fringe Festival after-parties into the new space,” says King Britt.

Red 40.
Red 40.

The Late Night festival opens September 4 with local favorites Red 40 and the Last Groovement, a funk-clown theater band made up of a bunch of Philly’s devisiors (a number of whom went through the celebrated Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training): Martha Stuckey, Matteo Scammell, Jess Conda, Ben Grinberg, Alice Yorke, and Caitlin Antram,  among others (it’s a big band!).

Red 40 has built up a following as a funky fun monthly house band of the FringeArts space, and the festival opening night promises to be a high-energy kick off, but the Late Night lineup will feature FringeArts favorites and international performers each night of the 2015 Fringe Festival (Sept 3-19).

The series will include both free and ticketed events. The wall separating the FringeArts mainstage and the La Peg dining room will come down for raucous FREE dance parties on September 12 and 16, featuring Spank Rock’s own DJ Ron Crawford and Philadelphia-native DJ Rahsaan respectively. Ticketed events include poet and hip hop artist Saul Williams, innovative electronic musician Laraaji, legendary tabla artist Suphala, 80’s punk rock legends McRad, bold and soulful hip-hop artist Spank Rock, lauded guitarist Chris Forsyth, interdisciplinary performance artist Marissa Perel, choreographer/dancer Jaamil Kosoko, innovative songstress Xenia Rubinos, Latin-inspired songwriter Helado Negro, and eclectic Afro-Hip Hop innovator Chimurenga Renaissance. Philadelphia’s hairiest drag queen Martha Graham Cracker will close out the Fringe Festival on September 19. [FringeArts, 140 N. Columbus Boulevard] September 4-19, 2015;

Check out the FULL schedule:

Date Time Artist/Show Stage Price
9/4/2015 10:30 Red 40 plays Opening Night Reception La Peg Stage FREE!
12:00 midnight DJ Sideswipe La Peg Stage FREE!
9/5/2015 10:30 DJ Botany 500 La Peg Stage FREE!
9/6/2015 9:00 Laraaji FringeArts Mainstage $20
10:30 DJ Lil Dave La Peg Stage FREE!
9/8/2015 10:30 DJ Tim Motzer La Peg Stage FREE!
9/9/2015 10:30 DJ Kyle Andrews La Peg Stage FREE!
9/10/2015 10:00 DJ Joe Data Garden La Peg Stage FREE!
9/11/2015 10:00 DJ Ian St. Laurent La Peg Stage FREE!
9/12/2015 9:00 McRad FringeArts Mainstage $25
Spank Rock
10:30 DJ Ron Crawford La Peg Stage FREE!
9/13/2015 9:00 Chris Forsyth (Opener) FringeArts Mainstage $15
Marissa Perel
12:00 DJ Pia Ercole La Peg Stage FREE!
9/14/2015 8:00 Ann Liv Young’s Sherry Truck La Peg Stage FREE!
9:00 Jaamil Kosoko – Black Male Revisited FringeArts Mainstage $15
10:30 DJ Kate Watson Wallace La Peg Stage FREE!
9/15/2015 8:00 Nguyen Smith FringeArts Mainstage $20
Saul Williams
10:30 DJ King Britt La Peg Stage FREE!
9/16/2015 9:00 Xenia Rubinos (opener) FringeArts Mainstage $30
Helado Negro
10:30 DJ Rahsaan La Peg Stage FREE!
9/17/2015 10:00 DJ Matthew Law La Peg Stage FREE!
9/18/2015 9:00 Chimurenga Renaissance FringeArts Mainstage $25
12:00 midnight DJ Underdog La Peg Stage FREE!
9/19/2015 9:00 Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret FringeArts Mainstage $15

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