A BRIEF HISTORY OF FOOD (Steve Gravelle): SoLow review

SoLow-image-history-of-foodSteve Gravelle is a food enthusiast. He is also an accomplished theater artist. Combine these two major ingredients in a room containing eight art installations of memorabilia, tastefully arranged, to reflect times from his past linked to particular foods. Now, fold in eight related food items, and you have a recipe for some tasty interactive theater: A BRIEF HISTORY OF FOOD, AUGUSTA ME TO PHILADELPHIA PA, 1983 TO THE PRESENT; OR LET ME COOK YOU DINNER, part of the 2015 SoLow Festival. To spice things up, Steve serves up tidbits about food and herbs such as “Kraft dinner is made of science”, his first time eating a fresh, uncanned peach, and why pine nuts are so expensive. Lively stories garnish each course as he relates going from comfort food to vegetarian, junk food and so on. Tender morsels from former relationships tied to eating behaviors are shared triggering our own savored recollections.

In between indulgences of fabulous fare, including homemade pasta, meatballs stuffed with mozzarella, delectable tofu veggie wraps, as well as fried Tator Tots mixed with ground meat, cheese and corn, supplemental music is played, while various kitschy lamps adorning each art installation are turned on, in preparation for the next delicious scene. For Steve, nowadays, “Healthy is about making sensible choices, most of the time. Not being afraid to order dessert sometimes, but not eating Peanut Butter Cups after every meal.” He endeavors everyday to live up to his personal philosophy that “Food should taste delicious and make you feel amazing.”

A BRIEF HISTORY OF FOOD concludes with an ambrosial dessert, inspired by Steve’s mother; bread pudding, topped with bourbon salted caramel. It is truly amazing! Thanks, Steve, for an unforgettably delicious new theater experience! [15th and Shunk] June 18-23, 2015; solowfest.com

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