SÉANCE WITH INFINITY (Corey Bechelli and Cory Kram): SoLow review

seance-with-infinityUp and away in the Larchwood Sky Parlor, a lovely wooden beamed attic in West Philadelphia which has been transformed into a performance space, and filled with the sight and scent of lighted candles, artists Corey Bechelli and Cory Cram set about channeling energies from beyond tomorrow. We are made welcome and made to understand that no one knows what to expect, exactly, but that’s okay, all are quite receptive to the idea of connecting to… well, something… not ordinarily obvious. Our collective “antennae” are attuned while viewing music infused multi-image film and video art produced by Cory Kram. Her surreal subjects and rich variegated imagery capture the imagination, to set it upon an unexpected journey. Next Corey Bechelli dons his connectivity cap, tunes it, then proceeds by projection to introduce us to “Flabidius” a fascinating energy being hailing from the realm of Corey’s comic art “Astro Sass”. When not being interrupted by power heisters, the animated Flabidius “is excited to communicate directly with beings from the Organic Realms” and happy to impart the “7 Tenants of Illumination” and possibility of omniscience to his new “pan-dimensional pupils”. From the corner, our other host appears to have succumbed to an altered state. Her enchanting dream dance takes shape and textures, tears them up, becomes bound, where ensues a singular dream where many images dwell, shift and overlap in a nearly kaleidoscopic manner. Bechelli’s assistant, Eli, keeps careful watch until finally Kram reemmerges.

The message… has been received. [Larchwood Sky Parlor, 49th and Larchwood streets] June 20, 2015; solowfest.com.

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