Fringe in Sketch: MAKE BANK (A Meg Saligman Production)

For a brief time during the 2023 Fringe Festival, guests are invited to join a band of currency-crazed visual and performing artists as they occupy The Manufacturers’ National Bank in Old City. To enter this den, cave and sewer of a show go to to get a ticket for one of the remaining dates.

To see the rest of the sketches from the show go to,, or

In the back of the bank you can trade your valuables for other valuables. Jay and Dre Poll refuse to leave Tim Shu’s table without a deal.

Participants gather at tables to make their sculptures to the glory of capital. Julie Miller works to tape their creation with Lenny. Lillian Ransijn passes by with great customer service.

Katarina Poljak performs a burlesque dance as a Danish Dollar Dame.

From the stairwell, Chloe Marie does an exuberant money dance.

The security alarm goes off, so Cesar Viveros in an elaborate headdress, opens the safe so Azaria Sifontis can check the deposits.

The alarm was about the bank robber, Casie Girvin, as she makes off with a big bag of cash.

[A Meg Saligman Production Featuring Rough and Tumble Productions, directed by Terry Guerin. Manufacturers’ National Bank, 27 N 3rd St] September 16-29, 2023;

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