Fringe in Sketch: IT’S TIME WE PAY THEM A VISIT (Anissa Weinraub + Practice Space)

The earth isn’t dying. People are killing the earth. And those people have names and addresses. It’s time we pay them a visit. Join a group of adventurers in this allegory for getting unstuck and taking action to stop the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

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Daniel Park takes my seat in the audience with his luggage and prepares to cover his head with the bag of oblivion. Chantelle Bateman and Ashely Jubilee try to get him to drop his baggage.

The capitalist (Leigh Huster) lures Ashely Jubilee out, with a new top hat and a new song. Chantelle Bateman is captivated

Ashely Jubilee and Chantelle Bateman dance to a disco song to get Daniel Park to give up his bucket.

The three use ribbons to make contact with the audience and build a community that delivers needed skills to survive in a communist paradise.

[Anissa Weinraub + Practice Space at MAAS Building Studio, 1320 N 5th St] September 7-26, 2023;

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