Fringe in Sketch: Tristan Tzara Was My Best Friend In Junior High (Savannah Reich)

A new Passover Seder as designed by the Dadaist poet Tristan Tzara. Instead of telling the Passover story, this ritual commemorates the time that all the other Dadaists decided to stop doing Dada and go and invent Surrealism, and Tristan Tzara was not invited. The audience is invited to sit around the dinner table, drink four glasses of wine, and be a part of this immersive meditation on community, friendship and loss.

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“Make a list of all the groups you’re in. “ Mr Stine

The table is introduced to Tristan Tzara (Jon Cole), one of the founders and central figures of the anti-establishment Dada movement.

Tristan Tzara (Jon Cole) takes an old fashioned photograph of the table.

Mr Stine gives the third toast while Tristan Tzara (Jon Cole) gets up and talks about being left behind by his friends for the annoying movement of Surrealism.

[Savannah Reich at Deep End Studios, 1313 S 33rd St.] September 13-17, 2023;

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