Fringe in Sketch: ASHES ASHES (Yellow Bicycle Company)

Shuttling between 80s New York and 50s Hiroshima, this new play explores imagined encounters between a Japanese-American reporter, a Japanese survivor-turned-prostitute, and the pilot and co-pilot of the Enola Gay. An exploration of the costs of total war and the minds of its apologists.

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A reporter (Kassidy Kimata) from the Japanese Times wants an interview with the obstinate General Paul Tibbits (James C. Gavin)

“No one will marry me because I was poisoned with radiation” Mika Sato (Mayo Kinoshita) confides in Robert Lewis (Joshua Crone)

Paul Tibbets (James C. Gavin) talks about the war.

Mika Sato (Mayo Kinoshita) relives when the bomb was dropped in her city.

[Yellow Bicycle Theater, 1435 Arch St. Fl. 2] September 7-21, 2023;

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