Little Girls Everywhere: Stefanie Londino in ANNIE

Krista Curry, Nick Bernardi, and Stefanie Londino in the National Tour of ANNIE. Photo by Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

Jersey Girl Stefanie Londino is coming to Philly with the cast of Annie. Starring as Miss Hannigan in the National Tour, Londino has her hands full with the delightfully mischievous group of orphans. She shares some behind the scenes antics about the cast she calls “a party.”

[National Tour at Miller Theater, 250 S. Broad St.] October 11–16, 2022;

Debra Danese: What’s your favorite scene to perform as Miss Hannigan?

Stefanie Londino: Little Girls has to be the most delicious song Charles Strouse ever wrote in his illustrious career; along with Martin and Thomas’s itchy lyrics, and Dan Delange’s stanky, fabulous, new orchestration. Working through that masterpiece each night sends lightning right up my spine.

DD: What are some of the differences between working with kids over adults?

Stefanie Londino

SL: You know, I hoped Jenn and the team would cast a rabid bunch of little monsters for orphans, and hot dog, did they do that in the best possible way. Each one of these girls is a force to be reckoned with- professional, intuitive, smart, and deeply sweet-hearted. It is a pleasure to work with them and scares the pants off me to go toe-to-toe with them each night. And, oh yeah, the adults are pretty great too.

DD: Does the cast have any pre-show rituals?

SL: As we’re still in previews, thus in rehearsal each day while running a 6-show week, our pre-show time is spent in the various prep work necessary to be ready to deliver a great show for our Syracuse audiences. Come Philly and opening next week, who knows what may develop.

DD: What’s the funniest Annie rehearsal blooper?

SL: This whole cast is a party so there have been many delightful moments. My fave so far must be when Andrew Scoggin, who plays Bundles the Laundry Man, inadvertently said “Aw, Aggie, how come I can never get to fourth base with you?” We all fell apart. He was supposed to say “first base”, and boy was he red.

Hats always cause hijinx. My orange mushy one has it out for me, and has fallen off in several hilarious places, best of all when Tessie stomped my foot. I didn’t realize it had come off until a few lines later when I reached up to take it off, and had to trudge back downstage to retrieve it. Our first preview audience loved that one.

DD: Tell us a little about your original music.

SL: When not Hannigan-ing, I sing and play hand percussion in two original rock bands: bgs for Audrey Martells’ 90s-reggae-rock vibes band and The Voxies (we opened for Bon Jovi this April, which was a golden moment for this Jersey girl.) I also co-front my own blues-folk rock band, West Side Waltz, with my husband, Paul Saylor. Our debut album Love & Fear was released last May and is available to stream everywhere. It’s good for driving, dancing in the kitchen, or weeping on the couch.

Kimmel Cultural Campus and The Shubert Organization present the Broadway classic, Annie, at the Kimmel Cultural Campus’ Miller Theater from October 11–16, 2022.

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