Emerging from the Dark: Sarah Knittel on MAKE A F@CKIN’ SHOW YOU POS

In a post-quarantine world, we often don’t know what to expect, and the same is true of Sarah Knittel and Bradley Kristian Wrenn’s upcoming experience/performance titled MAKE A F@CKIN’ SHOW YOU POS. Sarah Knittel, one half of the director/performer duo, received our smoke signals and exited her cave long enough to discuss her work and the show with Phindie.

CHRISTOPHER MUNDEN: Could you answer a few questions?

SARAH KNITTEL: I can try my best.

CM: So you’re making a f@ckin’ show, you POS?

SK: Wow, yeah, after all of this, I could’ve done literally anything else, pivoted gloriously, but I’m the POS who still thinks live performance is worthwhile and unmatched. Everyone else is a POS for how easily they are tricked into giving me continued validation and attention.

CM: How have you spent the last couple years?

SK: I think similar to everyone else: throwing away my dreams, falling deep into glamour magic until I became a crow and started haunting the woods by Graffiti Pier. Oh! Also developing an understanding of love and cosmic ambivalence.

CM: How did you start working with BW? How do you work well together?

SK: We started working together when I discovered Brad’s coffin on a sunken shipwreck in the Arctic. He is forever my thrall and must do my theatrical bidding. We don’t work well together. It is constant bickering and torment.

One day we will destroy each other.

CM: What were you doing when you had the idea for this show?

SK: We were locked in a dark and lonely tomb and outside the air was poison. Strange to live in a time when air can kill us.

But through the cracks in the stone walls, we saw light. We clawed at the cracks and more light streamed in. Then the light and ideas came in a rush like a wicked ice cream headache.

CM: What on earth should the audience expect?

SK: Brad and I are a performer/director duo that have been working together for the last six years. MAFSYPOS is a mad theatrical experiment that blossomed out of the pandemic and a vital need to return to stage. We wanted to find joy and celebration in front of an audience, and didn’t want to wait until we had a polished, fully rehearsed show…

Thus an early version of MAFSYPOS was born! The first performances during Free Fringe had only had one rule: Brad would enter the stage first.

Part fractured workshop, part hastily created masterpiece, our process oozes onto stage, to create live in front of the audience and to risk failure. If you like danger and dumb fun, this is definitely for you.

CM: Can you guarantee it will be sexy?

SK: I can only guarantee that the audience will feel sexy for attending an arts event. That sort of high is a one way ticket to the bone zone.

MAKE A F@CKIN’ SHOW YOU POS premieres at the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training, 1417 North 2nd Street, March 18-19 at 7:30pm. Tickets are pay what you will.


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