Let Me Die (Joseph Keckler): 2019 Fringe review

How many times can we witness a dramatic death on TV, in movies, or even opera? Joseph Keckler put together a dialectic that visits the history of opera. The bittersweet farewell over and over again exaggerates the existential reality that we live in.

Keckler’s sick humor goes along the lines of a dark satire. The colors come to mind brighter in the wardrobes when I think back on the dark ominous opera singing. The performance/ lecture is another broader contemporary way to look at it. What we make of certain events, and what is to become of this major deficit we are living through now will call for more personal reflections, such as Keckler’s Let Me Die.
Presented in partnership with Opera Philadelphia
[Fringearts] September 21-28, 2019; fringearts.com/event/let-me-die


Words and sketches by Chuck Schultz

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