Famous Philadelphia Movies You Should’ve Seen

Philadelphia is known for many things; it was the center of American Revolution. As the place where the Founding Fathers met to shape the country as we know it today, Philly occupies a prominent place in American history and consciousness. And just as games powered by Nektan are popular with mobile gaming fans, Philadelphia is popular with American cinema. Here are some of the most iconic movies set in or filmed in Philadelphia.


Of course, Rocky had to feature first in this list. This movie is not only managed to make Sylvester Stallone a movie star, but it also managed to portray the true spirit of Philadelphia and spread it worldwide, especially in the world of entertainment. The popularity of the concept and the state and the people of Philadelphia can be gauged through the massive success of the movie and the subsequent sequels to the original movie.


The movie Philadelphia is worth seeing whether you are from Philadelphia or not. A one-of-a kind movie talking about the discrimination and the negative effects of homophobia, this movie is relevant even to this day. Boasting of a star-cast and some stellar chemistry between the two main leads Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, this is one gem of a movie that anyone can enjoy. The song “The Streets of Philadelphia” written for the film by Bruce Springsteen, won an Academy Award.

the_sixth_senseThe Sixth Sense

A singular thriller, the movie The Sixth Sense was the first and to-date the best movie from M. Night Shyamalan. Set in Philadelphia this movie captivated audiences and is still a cult classic in the thriller genre. Revolving around the lives of a child psychologist and a child with a strange but special gift, this movie managed to shock audiences, especially with its surprising twist at the end.

silver-linings-playbookSilver Linings Playbook

Perhaps the most touching portrayal of the people and the area of Philadelphia, the movie Silver Linings Playbook managed to capture the heart of the nation. Totally shot in real locations, the diner in the movie is a real diner called the Llanerch Diner in Upper Darby. With a relatable premise, especially, if you are from Philly, and a relatable portrayal of the Solitano family, this movie has managed to touch people’s hearts!

The Philadelphia StoryThe Philadelphia Story

If you are a fan of classic movies, you have to watch ‘The Philadelphia Story’. Depicting the life of Philadelphia natives of the 1940s, this movie can be interesting even if you aren’t a classic movie fan. The storyline, premise, and dialogue are so realistic that you will feel the relevance even to this day.

in-her-shoesIn Her Shoes

An interesting movie built on the concept of acute sibling rivalry, In Her Shoes’ is set in the Center City Philadelphia and based on the novel by Philadelphia writer Jennifer Weiner. Documenting the struggles of having a sibling, this classic romcom shows how the interventions of their grandmother help to bring the family together.

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