EUREKA DAY (InterAct): 60-second review

Eureka Day Jonathan Spector
Alexandra Espinoza, Bi Jean Ngo, Leonard C. Haas, and Catharine K. Slusar in EUREKA DAY.

Practically pulled from the pages of the news (and Facebook!), InterAct’s Eureka Day follows the PTA Board of an uber-politically correct Bay Area private school as they encounter the divisive topic of vaccination in a way that becomes very personal to four parents. The new work by Jonathan Spector is masterful, offering no clear and easy solution in the hairy debate between personal-parental freedoms and the priorities of the community. It has moments of cringe-worthy realness and moments so awkward you can’t help but laugh.

This production is solidly built from the ground up and you can see it every detail. The script is wholly supported by the hard-hitting talent of an all-star cast that crafts fully fledged people out of familiar characters. Seth Rozin’s direction is evident in every diligent detail of the performance. Katherine Fritz’s costume design was so spot on I understood the characters before they even opened their mouths. Overall, the play had the best integration of projection design Philadelphia has seen since Boycott Esther

[InterAct Theatre Co. at The Proscenium Theatre at the Drake, 302 S. Hicks Street] October 25-November 17,

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