Fringe in Sketch: DUMPSTER DANCE FOR GARBAGE PEOPLE (Prudence Anne Amsden)

A bizarre fever dream of aggressive camp dance, DUMPSTER DANCE FOR GARBAGE PEOPLE embraces so much wrong that it’s right. We are all garbage — own it and feel the fantasy. Only a two show engagement. Wake up for the final show on September 11 at 8:30 in Frankey Bradley’s. The doors open at 7:30. For more information go to

Sketches by Aaron Krolikowski (#bluesketches); see more and purchase at

Scan-190911-0005 A manic unicorn (Prudence Anne Amsden) shows Grandmother Barbra Orr (Moonbaby) how to chain smoke. In the audience Elizabeth Bergman watches closely while a beer drinking Caleb Deitch averts his eyes.

Scan-190911-0009Grandmother Barbra Orr (Moonbaby) decides to add urine to her special drink while her granddaughter (Prudence Anne Amsden) lets loose with a full on head bang.

Scan-190911-0010With a dumpster on fire the big dance number happens with the Glamor Trash Queens (Maria TopCatt and Zsa Zsa St James).

Scan-190911-0011Garbage Troll (Ron Binary) anoints an audience member (Josh Witmer) with tinsel.

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