Fringe in Sketch: THE SEA VOYAGE (PAC)

A band of privateers find themselves stranded on an island seemingly inhabited by a lone castaway. When the island’s other residents surge onto the scene, a war of love and duty breaks out (read the review). Aaron Krolikowski returns with his signature blue Fringe sketches. See them all or purchase at

Scan-190908-0009Aminta (Stephanie Hodge) collapses due to hunger and exhaustion. Lamure (Eric Mills) pulls out his knife so Franville (Joel Guerrero) can cut a piece from the rump.

Scan-190908-0012Aminta (Stephanie Hodge) brings food to the starving Albert (Cameron DelGrosso).

Scan-190908-0011Finally, Raimondo (Eli Lynn) finds the island and subjugates Sebastian (Nathan Foley).

Scan-190908sc-0001Who will lose their head now? Raimondo (Eli Lynn) and Albert (Cameron DelGrosso) meet Rosellia’s (Yajaira Paredes) sword.

[The Philadelphia Artists’ Collective in collaboration with the Independence Seaport Museum, 211 S. Christopher Columbus Boulevard] September 4–20,

Live sketches provided by Aaron Krolikowski (#bluesketches):

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