GAY MIS (Eric Jaffe): 2019 Fringe review

gay-mis-fringe-review(To the tune of “I dreamed a dream” from Les Mis)

There was a Les Mis parody that was funny
When their voices were soft
And their lyrics pun-y
There was a time when drag queens sing
And Chino’s gags were gagging
There was a time
When the show didn’t feel two and a half hours long
I dreamed a dream time flew by
When crowds were drunk and everyone was drinking
I dreamed, that dresses were worn by guys
I dreamed it was evident the lyricist was thinking.
When jokes about “bears” were made
And parmesan, baguettes, and hoagies tasted.

[ Franky Bradley’s, 1320 Chancellor Street] September 7–15, 2019; [Punchline Philly 33 E Laurel Street] September 22,


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