AN UNOFFICIAL UNAUTHORIZED TOUR OF LOVE PARK (Rose Luardo/Kate Banford): 2018 Fringe review

love-parkLOVE Park was never that great. Kinda grimy, masses of concrete sunken into the city with unsafe-feeling corners. A $20 million renovation got rid of the skateboard features and made it more accessible, but now its just an extension of the sidewalk, with no real fountain, a less-attractive statue stand, no shade, and a huge “car park sign”. Rose Luardo and Kate Banford give us an idiosyncratic tour of this visitor-unfriendly space.

To do so, the comic pair create alter-egos of Old Philadelphia Main Line ladies, rich and bored. Though filled with unexpected encounters with a dissaffected skateboarder, a bush, and a key-filled tree, the tour is only slightly more interesting than an official, authorized tour of the site might be (there’s not a lot to work with, even for comedians). The piece gets its appeal from the increasingly outlandish characters and an inventive absurdity that devolves into a game of fetch and walking construction barrels.

[LOVE Park] September 10-18,

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