HEISENBERG (Delaware Theatre Co.): 60-second review

Republished by kind permission from Neals Paper.

Delaware Theatre Company's 2018 production of Heisenberg. By Simon Stephens, Directed by Matt Pfeiffer. Photo by Matt Urban.
Delaware Theatre Company’s production of HEISENBERG by Simon Stephens, directed by Matt Pfeiffer. Photo by Matt Urban.

What? Him again? Yes and no. Werner Heisenberg doesn’t appear, and is not even mentioned in Simon Stephens’s offbeat romance, but his uncertainty theory about the impossibility to predict the path, or even to successfully follow the path of quantum particles, becomes the basis for the comings and goings of an unlikely pair of Londoners whose first accidental “collision” triggers of number of meetings and an affair.

Sometimes, Stephens’s piece is too clever by half. Somethings it’s formulaic. The trick to Matt Pfeiffer’s production at DTC is Karen Peakes and Bud Martin are so thoroughly likeable in their parts, you want to see them take HEISENBERG wherever it might go next. Martin seamlessly embodies a plain-speaking curmudgeon while Peakes is charming as a chaotic woman who could be irritating or too over the top to be believable. So all remains quite pleasant and interesting in spite of HEISENBERG generally being a middfe-of-the-road piece. 

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[Delaware Theatre Company, 200 Water Street, Wilmington, DE] February 7-25, 2018; delawaretheatre.org

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