Fringe in Sketch: HOME (Geoff Sobelle)

This play is a farce on every type home you can think of, and what I can remember are the Vikings, Ching Valdes-Aran dancing on the table, the police showed up, the whole audience half a surprise party with lantern lights above their heads, and the grim reaper Death himself.

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This Home is has a life of its own. Decorations, storage, and moth balls have a place here. Geoff Sobelle’s HOME is a factory of conventional love and discreet fights. Our personal space is our own, and the set is like a doll house.

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The bathroom was the best part.

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Ching Valdes Aran in the bed room, Ching Valdes Arab peeling fruit in the dining room. Jennifer Kidwell and Sophie Bortolussi get ready for tennis or a night out on the town. Geoff Sobelle is well Geoff Sobelle (surfs up)
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Sophie Bortolussi in the kitchen with a house fan. I guess she can’t sleep either, thought bubble from Geoff Sobelle, while chowing down some delivery Chinese food.
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Workers mime the building of the bathroom. They put together the cabinets in the kitchen and set the table for a home for dysfunctional human beings.
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[Prince Music Theater, 1412 Chestnut Street] September 13-16, 2017;

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