INTERIOR (Leah Stein Dance Company): 2017 Fringe review

leah-stein-dance-interior-fringe-reviewLeah Stein — an award-winning artistic director and dancer — and Diane Monroe — a renowned, Philadelphia-native violinist — present INTERIOR at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish. The piece is about “awareness”. A feeling of water in Leah’s cupped hands, a sound of the water dripping on the floor, a stain that the water creates on the floor — every aspect, element, sound or movement starts to feel meaningful and intentional. Diane’s violin tunes up with Leah’s movements and amplifies the awareness of the nature of the ever-changing universe.  

Both Leah’s movement and Diane’s music are primitive and intuitive. It is up to each audience to be fully engaged and aware — to be part of the performance.

[Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish, 2329 S 3rd Street ] September 13-23, 2017;

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