KINK HAÜS (Gunnar Montana): 2017 Fringe review

kink-haus-gunnar-montana-philly-fringe-review-2017As you enter KINK HAÜS through flappy strip doors that seem slightly sticky to the skin, after coursing down a dimly lighted hall strewn with party colored plastic cups, where a heated couple are stowed in a corner alcove, the pulsing music is pumping, penetrating the fibers of your being, the force of full on Fringe is keenly felt. Willkommen to Gunnar Montana’s fabulous nightclub show! Inspired by being turned away from one of Berlin’s most exclusive clubs, Berghain, Montana has created his own sultry space to showcase his highly kinetic choreography. Dance numbers, including a fusion of nearly contortionistic prop and balletic dancing, are performed by an uber talented cast, featuring Avi Borouchoff, Jessica Daley, Dylan Kepp, Frank Leone, Stephi Lyneice, and Montana himself.A sweeping variety of outrageously creative and naughty haute costumes, a surreally detailed set containing mezzanines embossed with barbed wire and brassieres, big graffiti art, lusciously lavish lighting schemes, smoke, scent, and preciously preposterous props, designed by Montana, combine with phenomenal staging for a locomotive evening of entertainment you’ll never forget. Daring feats of dance, feisty fitness skits and fur, effervescent sound, spacey changelings, flower petal confetti, lots of glitter and “God Bless America” – anything goes at KINK HAÜS. Thanks to a snub from a club in Germany, you can find all of it right here in Philly, at the Fringe.

[Gunnar Montana Productions, The Latvian Society, 531 N. 7th Street] September 5-24, 2017;


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