[10] PARTS: A SPEED-THROUGH (Drexel Players): Fringe review

parts-a-speed-through-fringe-review-drexel-playersPARTS: A SPEED-THROUGH is an ambitious, outside-the-box piece devised and performed by the Drexel Players. Anyone who has ever been involved in theater knows the process: you audition, you rehearse, you tech, you do the show and then you say goodbye. The precocious and energetic performers in PARTS have deconstructed this process and have invited their audience to take part. What results is an all-inclusive, illuminating, and ultimately touching performance that presses fast forward on the lives of its performers. PARTS at once holds up a magnifying glass to our smallest moments and examines how quickly those moments pass without us realizing it.

Those who have been involved with theater firsthand will get the most out of PARTS. The tedium of teching a show is funny when placed in a vacuum, but those who have never experienced it may simply find the vacuum tedious. Though it may dwell a tad heavily on theater minutiae—the inside jokes, the warm-ups, and yes, the opening night speed-throughs—the enthusiasm with which the Drexel Players attack this quirky concept is endearing, and the show is a delight because of it. We all get more pretentious as we get older; thank the theater gods for the Drexel Players, who in their youth are determined not to take themselves too seriously. PARTS is a must-see for anyone who has ever stood under the lights and waited. [URBN Center Annex] September 6-14. fringearts.ticketleap.com/parts-a-speed-through

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