STORY OF MY EYE (GOATPIG): 2016 Fringe review 24

Photo by Sara Judge.
Photo by Sara Judge.

After seeing STORY OF MY EYE, I am happy to announce my long and illustrious streak of leaving Kung Fu Necktie bitterly disappointed and in need of a shower, remains gloriously uninterrupted. I have GOATPIG’S horrific eye sore (you walked right into that one, GOATPIG) STORY OF MY EYE, to thank.
Zach Trebino (Zach) and Jenni Messner (Jenni) serve as STORY OF MY EYE’S ringleaders in this supposed “vaudevillian meta-pageant . . . of excessive grotesquery that dips into pseudo-sincerity.” I don’t know if all of that is accurate but it seemed like a few people got it and I even laughed a couple of times.
The downfall of STORY OF MY EYE is that it wields vulgarity—which, when razor sharp, will easily cleave the head off an uptight culture’s dated set of social mores—like a dull, cumbersome club of misguided stupidity. The irony being that the shocking aspects of STORY OF MY EYE, which I assume were intended to jar a brainwashed nation of couch surfing zombies into action, only aided in further desensitizing me to the vulgar minutiae of daily life. One final note: The principle of Chekov’s Gun mandates that if you introduce an object to the audience it must be used at some point in the production; bearing this in mind and taking into consideration the nature of the show, I knew as soon as Jenni began brandishing a huge cucumber (the dildo of the fruit world) that it was in all likelihood, going in someone’s ass, most likely Zach’s. You can find out whose ass the cucumber went in, if anyone’s, by going and seeing STORY OF MY EYE.

[Kung Fu Necktie (upstairs), 1250 N Front St,] September 10–12, 2016;

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  1. Hi there Mark,

    Your review lacks attention to detail (I’m surprised you even saw the cucumber).

    Who is Jake and where was he during Story of My Eye? Did we see the same show?


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