Fringe Preview 1: Suburban Fringe

2013 Fringe Festival PhiladelphiaThe Fringe Festival has expanded greatly from its Old City roots, spreading from a compact neighborhood to all corners of the city and beyond. So to those who remember earlier incarnations, there’s something comforting and familiar about this year’s conceit: a “Presented Fringe” and a “Neighborhood Fringe”, the latter organized in the Fringe Guide and marketing collateral into geographic units. Over the next several days, Phindie will look at the offerings in the designated areas and pick out a couple good bets for each neighborhood. We start with one the smaller and far flung “Neighborhood Fringes”.

Suburban Fringe (includes Allentown, Blue Bell, Wallingford and Wayne)

With so much going on within city limits, it will be hard for many Fringe fans to make it to shows elsewhere, but suburbanites may consider staying close to home for a night or two this year. Two Center City shows, Trials of Paradox (Yes! And…’s SHADOW Company) and Better Than Broadway: a semi-musical travesty (Antrobus), are also showing in Wayne and Allentown, respectively.

Conshohocken’s Roux Dance Company, which grew out of a contempory/jazz school, has performances at Montgomery Community College. Call Me Crazy Dancers brought a one act, Daydreams, to the 2011 festival, and intrigues this year with a piece, One More Song, described in the Fringe Guide solely by emotive verse which reads like bad pop lyrics but doesn’t come up in google searches: “It may be hard to see the sun. We walk when we used to run. I could give you a hundred reasons to cry, but I hope I need just one. One more song. One last chance. I won’t pretend I’m strong, but give me this dance”.

Sure, I’m game.

The 2013 Fringe Festival runs September 5-22. See for tickets and info. Check out Phindie previews of other Fringe neighborhoods and more great festival coverage on our 2013 Fringe Festival page.

Call Me Crazy’s Daydreams:

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