Shameless Plugs and Badass Shows: Jess Conda’s picks for the 2013 Fringe Festival

Phindie is gearing up its coverage of the 2013 Fringe Festival, with previews, interviews, and reviews featuring over 60 shows in theater and other performing arts. To kick off coverage, Jess Conda, artistic director of BRAT Productions and Fringe stalwart, tells us what she’s looking forward to at the 2013 festival.

1. Limited engagement remount of BRAT’s Eternal Glamnation: A drag show meets a rock and roll cabaret about aliens, spandex and letting your secret self out. Cheap tickets!

Jess Conda in Eternal Glamnation
Jess Conda in Eternal Glamnation.

“The glittery Eternal Glamnation—featuring music from Roxy Music, David Bowie and Lou Reed—is a real-deal steal, a fabulously overheated showcase of camp, down-and-dirty, fuck ‘n’ run theater featuring trampy music from glam’s masters acted and vocalized with hammy aplomb.”—City Paper

2. Pay Up (Pig Iron Theater Company): A choose-your-own-adventure experiment about your money and how you feel spending it. Remount of the 2006 Production. Classic Fringe, Required viewing. Check out their blog, it’s fascinating stuff.

3. The Late Nite Cabaret features Red 40 and the Last Groovement: A lady fronted, funky answer to Johnny Showcase.  I sing backups, but Red 40 is this gal Martha Stuckey, who is a vocal SENSATION just waiting to be discovered. September 8th. Check them out.

1. Enlightenment on E Floor North (Strange Attractor): A play about security guards, the unseen lives of the people who blend in guarding the ART. This company kicks ass. They split time between Alaska, Rhode Island, and Philly. This show is their Philly premiere production, hot off the presses.

2. Go Long Big Softie (Groundswell Players): Weird, wacky and thoughtful work from Scott Sheppard and Mason Rosenthal about what it means to be a MAN. Directed by Charlotte Ford—exciting collab on this one!


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