THE SWORD OF THE UNICORN (New Works): 2016 Fringe review 11


A multi-colored, multi-realm reimagining of the hero’s journey as it relates to the never-ending quest of being true to oneself, THE SWORD OF THE UNICORN is as whimsical as the title suggests. Though there are few props throughout, fog machines, laser lights, fabulous costumes and a live band make the stage come alive.

While the dialogue is peppered with sentimental aphorisms, it works in the context of a search for destiny within a marshmallow forest. Characters from throughout the ages appear during the adventure, including but not limited to, Marie Antoinette, Jesus, and Judy Garland, but once again, it somehow all makes sense. Though this play revels in its absurdity, at its core it is a story about love—in whatever form it takes.
[The Proscenium Theatre at the Drake, 1512 Spruce Street]
September 9-18, 2016;

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