IN THE CLEARING (Birds on a Wire): 2016 Fringe review 10


All girls dance group Birds on a Wire presents a mysterious dance performance, IN THE CLEARING. The idea of introducing a clearing in a wood to the stage, by surrounding the stage with simple black and white curtains with patterns of trees drawn on them, is intriguing (scenic design by Kevin Jordan). The dance itself (choreography and direction by Melissa Cameron) is rather obscure and unclear.

The solo pieces are well choreographed and well performed (dancers: Kate Abernethy, CrystalNicole, Vanessa Erin Gross, Kathy Kerner, Claire Lutz, Brianne Scott, and Molly Woytowicz) and there are several efforts to convey something and to communicate with audiences. But the overall effect is of a group dance class, rather than a coherent performance with something to express.

[Christ Church Neighborhood House, 20 North American Street] September 9-10, 2016;

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