SEPHRO: EARTH’S REVENGE (Fantasy Weavers): Fringe Review 23

Imagine if Frank Herbert’s “Dune” had been adapted not by David Lynch but instead by the Mummers. That’s not too far off from what we get with SEPHRO: EARTH’S REVENGE. It’s the fourth installment of an operatic cycle by Fantasy Weavers, a local company that develops “original opera for children and adults.” While appropriate for all ages, this show isn’t really for the under-eight set. It’s a space opera in more ways than one, and unless your youngest are extremely into music (or DS9 fanfic) they’ll likely have trouble paying attention to the complicated plot.

Actually, even grown-ups should familiarize themselves with the program first, to read a slightly overwhelming synopsis of every scene. There’s a lot of backstory this far into the cycle. Don’t worry too much about that, though—as an opera, this show is heavy on the exposition (and at least the exposition is in English!) And lest this review makes the show sound silly, I’ll say this—the singing is no joke. [The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St.] September 6-10, 2014;

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