HOME/S. 9TH ST. (Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers): Home is where the dance is

Kun-Yang-Building-Home-136Addressing the issues of immigration and acceptance, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers use dance and theatrics to explore the meaning of home. Shifting from moments of dancing to moments of dialogue throughout the work, the dancers share their personal relationships to home. The dialogue expands from personal experiences to more generalized opinions for and against immigration. Each dancer shares their experiences of home and how that changes over time. Lin is able to show us how these experiences parallel by using both U.S.-born and non-U.S.-born dancers. By hearing multiple perspectives, the lines of immigrant and non-immigrant blur. We see each experience as something that diversifies and unites us.

With such a relevant topic in American Society today there can be a lot of risk involved. Unraveling the harsh realities and truth of any subject can radically shift the audience and create a profoundly polarizing result. This work by KYL/D is able to introduce and remind the audience of the importance of immigration with out the radical shift. But does that make the work more or less successful and affecting? The aesthetic of KYL/D can make this a widely accepted and appreciated work but that aesthetic interlaced with a serious and thought-provoking content allows a larger platform to be accessed. Though some of KYL/D’s theatrical techniques may be transparent to the more experienced viewer, there is still a resonance that this work is able to produce.
[FringeArts, 140 North Columbus Boulevard] November 19-21, 2015; fringearts.com/homes-9th-street.

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