BYE BYE LIVER: THE PHILADELPHIA DRINKING PLAY (Happy Hour Live): 2015 Fringe review 38

bye-bye-liver-fringe-reviewCelebrating the ups and downs of social drinking, BYE BYE LIVER: THE PHILADELPHIA DRINKING PLAY blends sketch comedy with popular drinking games. Playing in Urban Saloon, an inviting and hip pub on Fairmount Avenue, this Happy Hour Live production entertains—and intoxicates—audience members looking for a fun evening on the town.

Sketch topics include a bourbon which induces instant black-out, an exploration of the question, “Why do girls always go to the bathroom in pairs?,” and beer goggles. BYE BYE LIVER could use an intermission, simply because the tipsy audience members need a bathroom break and a chance to socialize. One particular joke which hinted at date rape was met with an uncomfortable silence, but with the exception of that, BYE BYE LIVER is hilarious, and a great way to bring a typically non-theatergoing audience to a live performance. The show also includes a stand-up comedian opening act. Prepare to imbibe three or more drinks over the course of the show. [Urban Saloon, 2120 Fairmount Avenue] September 3–19, 2015, fringearts.combye-bye-liver-the-philadelphia-drinking-play.

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