BODY OF WATER (Antonia & Artists): 2015 Fringe review 22

Body-of-Water_Antonia-Artists-fringe-reviewPresented by Antonia & Artists, this hour-long work explores the movements of water, both inside the body and surrounding us. With music from Youth Lagoon, HVZX, Kevin MaCleod, and nature sounds, the piece uses the expansive theme within each dancer while displaying the ebbs and flows in the group dynamic.

Lyricism brings flow to the work, leaving room for solo movement as well as group dynamics. The dancers are invested, displaying the choreography with consistency and grace. The work offers an interesting opportunity to look at dance as representational, while raising questions of the role of the literal in dance. It also opens up questions of the role of the audience member: Are we supposed to receive this work under the context of whether or not it reminds us of water? Am I the narrator, lending my concepts to the work, or am I meant to resist making those leaps and let the bodies simply represent? Is there an obligation of the choreographer to move beyond representation, and if not what is the goal of representation? Obviously, water is not usually made of bodies. Maybe the piece then is meant to relate and explore the attempt to turn bodies into water. I am always appreciative of artists working to expand their vocabulary, and glad to see work which continues the conversation about what dance entails. This was piece did just that. [Community Education Center, 3500 Lancaster Avenue] September 5-12, 2015;

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  1. Thank you Katelyn for the review! I appreciate your take on the dance and you bring up some interesting questions.

    I want to make a correction – Meredith Stapleton was the dramaturg for the piece, not a music source. The score used Youth Lagoon, HVZX, Kevin MaCleod and nature sounds.


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